Articles | Volume 34, issue 5
Eur. J. Mineral., 34, 411–424, 2022
Eur. J. Mineral., 34, 411–424, 2022
Research article
06 Oct 2022
Research article | 06 Oct 2022

Melting relations of Ca–Mg carbonates and trace element signature of carbonate melts up to 9 GPa – a proxy for melting of carbonated mantle lithologies

Melanie J. Sieber et al.

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Christian Lathe, Monika Koch-Müller, Bernd Wunder, Oona Appelt, Shrikant Bhat, and Robert Farla
Eur. J. Mineral., 34, 201–213,,, 2022
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New insights in the mechanisms of the reaction 3.65 Å phase  =  clinoenstatite + water down to nanoscales
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Eur. J. Mineral., 32, 469–482,,, 2020
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Experimental petrology
High-pressure homogenization of olivine-hosted CO2-rich melt inclusions in a piston cylinder: insight into the volatile content of primary mantle melts
Roxane Buso, Didier Laporte, Federica Schiavi, Nicolas Cluzel, and Claire Fonquernie
Eur. J. Mineral., 34, 325–349,,, 2022
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Carbon-saturated COH fluids in the upper mantle: a review of high-pressure and high-temperature ex situ experiments
Carla Tiraboschi, Francesca Miozzi, and Simone Tumiati
Eur. J. Mineral., 34, 59–75,,, 2022
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The influence of oxygen fugacity and chlorine on amphibole–liquid trace element partitioning at upper-mantle conditions
Enrico Cannaò, Massimo Tiepolo, Giulio Borghini, Antonio Langone, and Patrizia Fumagalli
Eur. J. Mineral., 34, 35–57,,, 2022
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Effect of chlorine on water incorporation in magmatic amphibole: experimental constraints with a micro-Raman spectroscopy approach
Enrico Cannaò, Federica Schiavi, Giulia Casiraghi, Massimo Tiepolo, and Patrizia Fumagalli
Eur. J. Mineral., 34, 19–34,,, 2022
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A combined Fourier transform infrared and Cr K-edge X-ray absorption near-edge structure spectroscopy study of the substitution and diffusion of H in Cr-doped forsterite
Michael C. Jollands, Hugh St.C. O'Neill, Andrew J. Berry, Charles Le Losq, Camille Rivard, and Jörg Hermann
Eur. J. Mineral., 33, 113–138,,, 2021
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Carbonates reduce the melting point of the mantle, and carbonate melts produced in low-degree melting of a carbonated mantle are considered the precursor of CO2-rich magmas. We established experimentally the melting relations of carbonates up to 9 GPa, showing that Mg-carbonates melt incongruently to periclase and carbonate melt. The trace element signature of carbonate melts parental to kimberlites is approached by melting of Mg-rich carbonates.