Articles | Volume 33, issue 4
Eur. J. Mineral., 33, 519–535, 2021

Special issue: Probing the Earth: experiments and mineral physics at mantle...

Eur. J. Mineral., 33, 519–535, 2021

Research article 30 Aug 2021

Research article | 30 Aug 2021

Equation of state and sound wave velocities of fayalite at high pressures and temperatures: implications for the seismic properties of the martian mantle

Frédéric Béjina et al.

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Intracrystalline melt migration in deformed olivine revealed by trace element compositions and polyphase solid inclusions
Valentin Basch, Martyn R. Drury, Oliver Plumper, Eric Hellebrand, Laura Crispini, Fabrice Barou, Marguerite Godard, and Elisabetta Rampone
Eur. J. Mineral., 33, 463–477,,, 2021
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Short summary
We performed experimental measurements of elastic parameters of fayalite. The idea is to better define the effect of olivine Fe content on these parameters and test how sensitive these are when adjusting mineralogical models to seismic data. The trend of the olivine shear modulus with Fe content is well defined, but that of the bulk modulus remains less constrained, and more experiments on olivines with different Fe compositions are needed.