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Eur. J. Mineral., 33, 39–75, 2021

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Eur. J. Mineral., 33, 39–75, 2021
Review article
05 Feb 2021
Review article | 05 Feb 2021

Influence of water on the physical properties of olivine, wadsleyite, and ringwoodite

Bao-Hua Zhang and Qun-Ke Xia

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Water plays an important role in the physical properties (i.e., diffusivity, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, sound velocity, and rheology) of olivine, wadsleyite, and ringwoodite. Remarkably, there are numerous discrepancies and debates between experimental and theoretical studies. Here we provide a comprehensive review of the recent advances in the influence of water on the physical properties of olivine, wadsleyite, and ringwoodite, together with their applications.