Articles | Volume 32, issue 3
Eur. J. Mineral., 32, 285–304, 2020
Eur. J. Mineral., 32, 285–304, 2020
Research article
11 May 2020
Research article | 11 May 2020

Thermodynamic properties, crystal structure and phase relations of pushcharovskite [Cu(AsO3OH)(H2O) ⋅ 0.5H2O], geminite [Cu(AsO3OH)(H2O)] and liroconite [Cu2Al(AsO4)(OH)4 ⋅ 4H2O]

Alexandra M. Plumhoff et al.

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Weathering of stannite–kësterite [Cu2(Fe,Zn)SnS4] and the environmental mobility of the released elements
Patrick Haase, Stefan Kiefer, Kilian Pollok, Petr Drahota, and Juraj Majzlan
Eur. J. Mineral., 34, 493–506,,, 2022
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Redefinition of beraunite, Fe3+6(PO4)4O(OH)4  ⋅  6H2O, and discreditation of the name eleonorite: a re-investigation of type material from the Hrbek Mine (Czech Republic)
Luboš Vrtiška, Jaromír Tvrdý, Jakub Plášil, Jiří Sejkora, Radek Škoda, Nikita V. Chukanov, Andreas Massanek, Jan Filip, Zdeněk Dolníček, and František Veselovský
Eur. J. Mineral., 34, 223–238,,, 2022
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Chapmanite [Fe2Sb(Si2O5)O3(OH)]: thermodynamic properties and formation in low-temperature environments
Juraj Majzlan, Stefan Kiefer, Kristina Lilova, Tamilarasan Subramani, Alexandra Navrotsky, Edgar Dachs, and Artur Benisek
Eur. J. Mineral., 33, 357–371,,, 2021
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Grimmite, NiCo2S4, a new thiospinel from Příbram, Czech Republic
Pavel Škácha, Jiří Sejkora, Jakub Plášil, Zdeněk Dolníček, and Jana Ulmanová
Eur. J. Mineral., 33, 175–187,,, 2021
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Luxembourgite, AgCuPbBi4Se8, a new mineral species from Bivels, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Simon Philippo, Frédéric Hatert, Yannick Bruni, Pietro Vignola, and Jiří Sejkora
Eur. J. Mineral., 32, 449–455,,, 2020
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Crystal growth and mineral formation
Firing and post-firing dynamics of Mg- and Ca-rich bricks used in the built heritage of the city of Padua (northeastern Italy)
Elena Mercedes Pérez-Monserrat, Lara Maritan, and Giuseppe Cultrone
Eur. J. Mineral., 34, 301–319,,, 2022
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A case study of zeolitization process: “Tufo Rosso a Scorie Nere” (Vico volcano, Italy): inferences for a general model
Daniela Novembre, Domingo Gimeno, Piergiulio Cappelletti, and Sossio Fabio Graziano
Eur. J. Mineral., 33, 315–328,,, 2021
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On the anomalous shapes of native copper crystals from the Michigan Copper Country
Jean-Claude Boulliard, Jérôme Aléon, and Eloïse Gaillou
Eur. J. Mineral., 33, 9–21,,, 2021
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