Articles | Volume 34, issue 3
Eur. J. Mineral., 34, 301–319, 2022

Special issue: Mineralogy of the built environment

Eur. J. Mineral., 34, 301–319, 2022
Research article
19 May 2022
Research article | 19 May 2022

Firing and post-firing dynamics of Mg- and Ca-rich bricks used in the built heritage of the city of Padua (northeastern Italy)

Elena Mercedes Pérez-Monserrat et al.

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Short summary
A very representative type of historic brick, made of Mg- and Ca-rich illitic clays fired at high temperatures and used in the city of Padua, was studied. The mineral phases formed during the firing and the processes that took place after firing have enhanced the durability of the bricks, so the data obtained may be significant to the current ceramic industry. This study was framed within the CLAYONRISK project (MSCA-IF-2018) and was performed based on archeometric methodologies.