Articles | Volume 32, issue 4
Eur. J. Mineral., 32, 405–425, 2020
Eur. J. Mineral., 32, 405–425, 2020

Research article 15 Jul 2020

Research article | 15 Jul 2020

Partial melting of zoisite eclogite from the Sanddal area, North-East Greenland Caledonides

Wentao Cao et al.

Related subject area

Metamorphic petrology
Reaction progress of clay minerals and carbonaceous matter in a contact metamorphic aureole (Torres del Paine intrusion, Chile)
Annette Süssenberger, Susanne Theodora Schmidt, Florian H. Schmidt, and Manuel F. G. Weinkauf
Eur. J. Mineral., 32, 653–671,,, 2020

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Short summary
Zoisite eclogites from the Sanddal area, North-East Greenland, contain numerous textures, such as cusps and neoblasts, which are interpreted as melt-related textures. Mineral chemistry and thermodynamic modeling demonstrate that they were partially melted through the breakdown of hydrous minerals, phengite, paragonite and zoisite. Pressure–temperature phase diagrams show that the eclogites reached a maximum depth of ∼70 km and were partially melted near that depth and during exhumation.