Articles | Volume 34, issue 5
Research article
20 Oct 2022
Research article |  | 20 Oct 2022

A snapshot of the transition from monogenetic volcanoes to composite volcanoes: case study on the Wulanhada Volcanic Field (northern China)

Diao Luo, Marc K. Reichow, Tong Hou, M. Santosh, Zhaochong Zhang, Meng Wang, Jingyi Qin, Daoming Yang, Ronghao Pan, Xudong Wang, François Holtz, and Roman Botcharnikov

Data sets

Supplementary information of Tables S1–S5 Diao Luo

Short summary
Volcanoes on Earth are divided into monogenetic and composite volcanoes based on edifice shape. Currently the evolution from monogenetic to composite volcanoes is poorly understood. There are two distinct magma chambers, with a deeper region at the Moho and a shallow mid-crustal zone in the Wulanhada Volcanic Field. The crustal magma chamber represents a snapshot of transition from monogenetic to composite volcanoes, which experience more complex magma processes than magma stored in the Moho.