Articles | Volume 32, issue 5
Eur. J. Mineral., 32, 545–555, 2020
Eur. J. Mineral., 32, 545–555, 2020

Research article 23 Oct 2020

Research article | 23 Oct 2020

Structural study of decrespignyite-(Y), a complex yttrium rare earth copper carbonate chloride, by three-dimensional electron and synchrotron powder diffraction

Jordi Rius et al.

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The crystal structure of the mineral decrespignyite-(Y) from the Paratoo copper mine (South Australia) has been obtained by applying δ recycling direct methods to 3D electron diffraction data followed by Rietveld refinements of synchrotron powder diffraction data. Its structure mainly shows a metal layer sequence of polyhedra interconnecting hexanuclear (octahedral) oxo-hydroxo yttrium clusters along a ternary axis or tilted clusters to hetero-tetranuclear ones hosting Cu, Y and rare earths.