Articles | Volume 32, issue 3
Research article
08 Jun 2020
Research article |  | 08 Jun 2020

Tancaite-(Ce), ideally FeCe(MoO4)3 3H2O: description and average crystal structure

Elena Bonaccorsi and Paolo Orlandi

Data sets

Tancaite-(Ce) data set E. Bonaccorsi, and P. Orlandi

Short summary
Molybdates are of a great interest due to their ionic conductivity, negative thermal expansion, and immobilization of radionuclides. The new mineral tancaite-(Ce), FeCe(MoO4)3•3H2O, shows a new structure type never observed in natural and synthetic molybdates. Its cubic average structure may be described as a derivative of the perovskite structure, in which Fe-centred octahedra are linked through MoO4 groups. The ordering of Mo and O atoms results in one or more complex superstructures.