Articles | Volume 32, issue 6
Research article
17 Dec 2020
Research article |  | 17 Dec 2020

Corrigendum to “Natural mullites: chemical composition, crystal structure, and optical properties” published in Eur. J. Mineral., 31, 353–367, 2019

Stephan Lenz, Johannes Birkenstock, Lennart A. Fischer, Willi Schüller, Hartmut Schneider, and Reinhard X. Fischer

The universal mineral formula for natural mullites presented here contains a typing error. The mineral formula, given on p. 358 (Sect. 4.1), in the heading of Table 7a (p. 361) and at the end of Sect. 4.2 (p. 363), is stated as My+Mgz2+Mw2+M4+2x+y+w-2z3+M2-2x-y-2w+z4+O10−x.

However, the indexing of M3+ is erroneous. The parameter w must contain a factor of 2. The correct formula is My+Mgz2+Mw2+M4+2x+y+2w-2z3+M2-2x-y-2w+z4+O10−x.

Consequently, also the formula NayMgzCawAl4.5+y+w-2zSi1.5-y-2w+zO9.75 given on p. 359 must be stated as NayMgzCawAl4.5+y+2w-2zSi1.5-y-2w+zO9.75.

The citation “Angel and Prewitt (1987)” on p. 357 is incorrect. It is “Angel and Prewitt (1986)”.